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The Tronixpro rod range includes a vast array of shore fishing rods covering traditional beach casting styles and continental surf fishing techniques. Tronixpro was a pioneer in developing continental style surfcasting rods, bringing anglers across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe a uniquely flavoured, British take on the three-piece rod.

Our rod ranges cover a broad spectrum of angling from the top end, specialist match angling rods through to well-priced, high specification rods ideal for the angler on a budget.

Tronixpro Competition Match is a high-end match angling range in a continental, three-piece configuration. It is built with the very best materials demanded by the elite match or specialist angler.

Tronixpro Cobra is a familiar name among anglers across the country. Our original three-piece range of rods brought a British take to the continental style. In keeping with this different approach, a two-piece version of the Cobra is available, bringing continental style to the traditional two-piece setup.

Tronixpro Blaze brings eye-catching livery built on top quality Japanese carbon blanks all fitted out with quality Fuji components. This radical range is guaranteed to catch the eye of anglers across the country both visually and with its high-performance designs.

Tronixpro Xenon is a mid-priced range of shore fishing rods, built with 24ton carbon and fitted with Fuji rings throughout. A tight range of performance fishing rods that look great and perform as well as rods twice their price. For the holiday angler, we have a non-compromising six-piece travel beachcaster that performs as well as its two-piece counterparts.

Tronixpro Banzai is a comprehensive range of well-priced rods built to high standards with quality fittings and head-turning graphics. Three continental rods, four beachcasters as well as dedicated bass and mullet rods make up the range, ensuring there is a Banzai rod for any eventuality. All packaged at a sensible price.

Tronixpro Guerilla offers the angler on a budget access to high specification, well-built rods that far exceed their price band. These are smooth casting rods that will give excellent performance regardless of casting ability, with responsive blanks that provide excellent feedback for advanced anglers and beginners alike.

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