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Tronixpro TV: Beach Trolley

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Lure Fishing

LRF Rigs

In part four of our HTO LRF Lure fishing series by Jake Schogler he looks at LRF Rigs, taking you through five, proven LRF rigging methods.

Lure Fishing Tactics

Choosing the right LRF rod

Part Two of our how to get started in LRF series by Jake Schogler. In this blog, Jake looks at how to choose the right rod. Looking at tip styles, lengths and...

Lure Fishing

What is LRF?

In the first of a multi-part series on LRF Fishing, Jake Schogler explains exactly what LRF Fishing is, dispelling the myths that its all about small fish...


Tronixpro 2020 and beyond!

What is going on at Tronixpro? What new rods have they got coming out? When? Why is it taking so long? Is this discontinued? Is that discontinued? George...




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