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Premium Headlights and Torches

Cyansky specialises in producing high-quality lights that are tough, durable and super bright. These lights feature some industry-leading technology that will increase their life, especially in challenging environments such as sea fishing and hunting scenarios. Each light comes with a tough body that withstands drops of up to 2m. A minimum IPX rating of IPX8 means these lights can be submerged in water up to 2m and survive without any issues.

Included in the range is a headlight with three lights that work in conjunction with each other, offering a range of lighting options. This light is rechargeable via USB C for convenience.

A wide range of torches, from a large 1300 lumens light with a 600m reach right through to a small keychain light that still packs a whopping 200 lumens.

All lights feature the same tough body and the IPX rating, so you can rest assured they will last the test of time.

Cyansky Products

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