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Product Support

Here at TronixFishing we pride ourselves on the very highest level of customer care and after sales service. To make sure the best possible service is achieved we've put together this handy guide to make sure you get help quickly and according to the legal requirements.

In the UK all products you buy regardless of who has manufactured them and what the product is are covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This means that when you have purchased one of our products the contract has been formed between yourself and the retailer you purchased the item from. This means that if there is any problem with the product i.e. it is faulty, you will need to take this matter up with the retailer you purchased the item from. They are responsible for fixing any issues you have with the product. As you did not buy the product from TronixFishing, what we can do to help you is restricted. So your first port of call is always to contact the retailer first to get any problems resolved.

Complaints Policy

In the rare event that you believe you have purchased a faulty TronixFishing product, you should return it to your retailer. If the item is returned within a reasonable time frame from the date of purchased (usually 30 days, but please check the retailers return policy) you are entitled to a refund, repair or replacement.

Sensible Buying

  • Please make sure you are always buying our products from an Authorised Dealer. You can find a list of our Authorised Dealers on our Store Locator Page.
  • Please always make sure you keep your receipt as proof of purchase. All tackle shops should provide you with a receipt when asked, please ask and please keep it safe!

Contact Us

Should you not receive the level of after sales service that you are legally entitled to from a retailer, please contact us and we can then discuss the matter with your retailer to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

Or you can phone us on: 01903 732567

Opening Hours:
09.00 – 16.00 Monday to Thursday
09.00 – 15.00 Friday



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