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About TronixFishing

Founded in 2007, TronixFishing has gained an enviable reputation for producing quality fishing tackle used by thousands of anglers across the UK and Europe.

TronixFishing started with a small range of sea fishing products and now produces thousands of products across four major brands Tronixpro, HTO, AXIA and Big Dog. As well as designing and manufacturing products for its brands, TronixFishing also distributes products from some of the best-known brands in Europe, including Hart and Vercelli and, more recently, Cyansky.

West Sussex native George Cunningham founded the business. George spent his weekdays busily working as a local plumber, his weekends dedicated to sea angling for pleasure or competitively. Fast forward to today, and George is no longer plying his trade as a plumber. Instead, he is running one of the UK's most innovative and fast-growing angling companies.

Like many angling companies, the business was stumbled into. One bright, sunny morning on Wednesday 7th of February 2007, George received a package. This package contained some swivels and rig components he was selling via eBay. This time though, his supplier had included some mackerel feathers supplied in packaging ready to go. As soon as George had cast his eyes over the sample, he knew they were too good to sell only online. Pounding the pavements of his local tackle shops, he sold out in no time, and it was at that point he knew he was on to something.

From these humble beginnings, Tronixpro was born. The first product lines included more rigs, rig components, hooks, booms and rubber stops. As traction took hold, more and more shops wanted Tronixpro tackle, and George soon realised the plumbing needed to take a back seat.

Moving into new premises on an industrial estate George helped to build as a kid, this fledgling brand was about to launch into the stratosphere. The Tronixpro Rig Winder and Rig Winder Box aimed to solve the problem of pre-tied, messy rigs. Not a new design but a product that George refined with a price that made it viable for everyday anglers to use. It revolutionised how anglers would store and organise their ready-tied rigs. Such was their popularity, Tronixpro Rig Winders became the byword for rig storage.

Tronixpro has never shied away from trying something new. Helping to introduce and standardised products that until a few years ago, would have been unthinkable to use in the UK. Tronixpro were one of the first suppliers to invest in and heavily push the three-piece rod market, for example. Taking the bold decision to produce a range of continental style rods specifically for the UK market. The Cobra series of rods are still produced today, making it one of the longest-running three-piece rods on the market, developed as a three-piece continental rod designed for UK sea anglers. Since the launch of the Cobra, Tronixpro now produces a wide range of three-piece rods across all price bands, from the flagship Competition Match range to the lower-priced Guerilla range. Ensuring there is a three-piece rod for everybody.

Recently, Tronixpro has expanded its rod range to produce top-end two-piece, traditional beachcasters. The range has expanded rapidly, starting with the original Naga developed by Joe Arch. Uniquely, Tronixpro was the first company to produce a two-piece beachcaster with a continental flavour with the Cobra GT2, followed by the beefier Competition Match GT2. From these humble beginnings, Tronixpro produces a wide range of two-piece beachcasters across all price bands and for all shore fishing situations from the ultra-rough ground, extreme distance fishing to short-range scratching in estuaries.

Tronixpro is now one of the largest sea angling only brands, producing everything a sea angler needs from rods, reels and luggage through to line, terminal tackle and clothing.

As Tronixpro grew, George took a keen interest in lure fishing. Three years after launching Tronixpro, HTO was born. HTO's main purpose is to help make modern lure fishing accessible and affordable while also producing top-end products that were previously only available from abroad.

The Lure Game and Rockfish rods helped bring modern lure fishing to a new audience. Lure Game brought an affordable, fast-actioned, modern lure fishing rod for bass fishing to the market, while the Rockfish range of rods was the first, dedicated, affordable LRF rod designed specifically for the UK. With over 20,000 sold, the Rockfish range of LRF rods is one of the most successful rod launches in modern times.

Launched in 2017, Nebula was a game-changer for many lure anglers. Designed as a series of high-performance lure fishing rods that give bass and general lure anglers as much as possible for their money — described by many as the best value lure fishing rod ever! The rods look stunning and are built on high-volume Japanese carbon blanks, fitted with quality Fuji components that produce a rod with exceptional performance, accuracy and control over how lures are worked. The range includes standard lure fishing rods, soft plastic boat fishing rods, travel lure, and LRF rods. The Nebula range now includes reels, lines and other accessories, offering the same performance to price ratio.

Not shy from producing high-end rods in 2020, HTO launched the N70 Labrax Special, developed to be the best bass lure fishing rod ever made for the UK and European Bass Angler. Built from the best components and the best carbon, there are few rods developed specifically for this market that even come close to its performance and build quality. Recently, for the travelling angler, the N70 Travel brings this same build quality and performance to the worldwide roaming angler.

As well as producing quality, affordable fishing tackle, TronixFishing realise its responsibility to the trade and the sport too. The business supports several initiatives that help participation at all angling levels, whether supporting new anglers or those competing at the highest level.

Tronixpro is the main tackle sponsor of FIPS-M, the world governing body of sea angling. The sponsorship dramatically reduces the barriers and costs for juniors and youth anglers to compete at the highest level.

TronixFishing has a long history built on producing innovative and high-quality products. The business is full of anglers across all levels. In conjunction with our team of Brand Ambassadors and Consultants, every piece of tackle you buy from TronixFishing has been fully tested by a wide range of anglers of all abilities. We are continually working with our team to develop new products that help anglers catch more fish and get more enjoyment from their fishing.

We pride ourselves on supplying independent tackle shops, and we have great loyalty to our customers, which is one of the main reasons behind our success. We also put a big emphasis on product support. Working with our retail partners, we ensure that the end-user is looked after.



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