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Tronixpro Xenon C-6 FX | 4.00m | 13’2″ | 110-225g | 4-8oz


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Key Features

  • ixed spool version of the all-round C-6, developed to cover most sea angling situations.
  • Ideal for open beaches, mixed rough ground and when fishing in rougher stuff too.
  • Developed and optimised for six-ounce weights plus bait.
  • Lightweight, slim blank with a parabolic action in the butt blending into a powerful mid-section for easy casting and ultimate feel.
  • Good bite detection for all species but a stiff enough tip to handle strong winds and tides.

Where to buy

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The fixed spool version of the all-round C-6, developed to cover most situations a sea angler will face. Whether you’re fishing from open beaches, into mixed rough ground or are tackling the rougher stuff even more, this rod can handle it all. Optimised to fish with six ounces plus bait, this is a rod that needs no tinkering to find its optimal casting weight. Just add your rig, six-ounce weight and add bait.

Built on a lightweight and slim blank, the butt section has a parabolic action that blends into a powerful mid-section, so the rod is easier to manage and cast. This style of rod also increases the feel you get when playing a fish and is a more sporting rod all round. Good bite detection completes the blank, allowing you to register bites from species great and small and it won’t flop around in strong winds or tides either.

The tip section incorporates Mighty Bright Tip Tape. Made in the UK, Mighty Bright Tip Tape is highly reflective, making it stand out in your headlight beam when fishing at night.

Fitted with quality Fuji K guides and a Fuji DPS reel seat, designed for fixed spool reels.



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