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Tronixpro Competition Performance 3pc


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Key Features

  • HYBRID TIP: A carbon, hybrid tip offers the very best bite detection, regardless of your fishing distance.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Capable of extreme or a gentle lob, regardless of where you need to put a bait, the Performance steps up. Optimum casting 120g to 150g.
  • HIGH-END MATERIALS: Constructed from a mix of 46T and 40T Japanese carbon, a strong and light weight blank with a low diameter, fast recovery, and super sensitivity.
  • QUALITY FITTINGS: Rung with Fuji Sic Framed KWAG guides and single leg guides on the hybrid tip section to fully utilise the rods capabilities. The Fitted with Fuji DPS reel seat and a non-slip, ergonomic, spiralled, rubber butt grip.
  • SPECIES: Multi-purpose, bream, bass, rays, conger, and everything between.

Where to buy

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A high-performance three-piece rod that offers superb fishing capabilities for the shore angler who requires something with a little more in terms of action and power to weight ratio, in a lightweight, strong package completed with a Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji Sic guides.

Made from a mix of Japanese 46T and 40T carbon, the crisp blank is super strong and lightweight. Don’t be fooled by its low diameter blank, this is a blank that can perform and is equally adept at casting to extreme range as it is dropping in short. Excellent performance across the whole casting range makes this a multi-purpose tool for any shore angler.

Designed primarily for fishing clean beaches with a fixed spool. It performs best with weights in the range of 120 to 150g. A sensitive carbon hybrid tip rung with Fuji Sic single leg guides offers the best bite detection whatever range you’re fishing at.

In testing, it has performed faultlessly over a wide range of applications from summer bream fishing to autumn bass, rays and ever conger.

A subtle all black look with a reflective tip for enhanced bite detection at night.


TRCP42Tronixpro Competition Performance 3pc - 4.2m | 100-190g£479.99
TRCP45Tronixpro Competition Performance 3pc - 4.5m | 100-190g£499.99



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