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HTO Nebula


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Key Features

  • High-performance lure fishing rods at a sensible price.
  • Fuji Fittings throughout including guides and reel seats (most models).
  • Stunning dark, gunmetal colour scheme.
  • A rod for most lure fishing situations from shore and boat.

Where to buy

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Produced with extra fast action blanks that have rapid recovery for long-range casting and high accuracy. These rods put lures exactly where they are intended to go, time after time. The extra-fast action is stiff and when using low stretch lines like braid, will make lures react with intensity with the smallest of moments, triggering the predatory instincts of any fish in the area.

Nebula ML 2.1M – 5-22g

The shortest rod in the range that packs a mighty punch with a casting rating of 5 to 22g. The ideal choice for targeting a big wrasse from rough ground or for lure fishing from the boat. Is also ideal for use in freshwater and great for fishing in tight areas, especially when “combat fishing” on rivers for salmon and sea trout where casting space is at a premium.

Nebula M 2.3M – 7-28g

A stunning rod with a casting rating of 7 to 28g. It lends itself well for fishing both hard and soft baits from either boat or shore. A versatile rod with many applications that will become a firm favourite.

Nebula M 2.4M – 7-30g

Eight-foot rods are one of the most popular lengths of lure fishing rods. A go-to for many anglers. With a casting rating of 7 to 30g, this will fit the needs of lure anglers fishing from rocks, estuaries or the open shingle.

Nebula M 2.7M – 7-35g

At nine feet, this is an all-round shore fishing lure rod. Casting 7 to 35g it's the perfect tool for fishing weightless soft plastics or hard baits.

Nebula MH 2.7M – 12-42g

A more powerful nine-foot rod, capable of casting between 12 and 42g! If you're looking for a rod that has immense power to blast lures out to the horizon or need a rod to tackle heavy sea conditions, this is for you.

Nebula H 2.9M – 7-35g

A longer rod designed to cast those lighter hard lures up to 35g to distance, the extra length also helps the angler to steer fish around snags and structures.

Nebula MH 3.0M – 12-42g

A long-distance casting rod built with the distinctive, fast action Nebula design. A stiff tip helps to combat wind and waves when working lures in open beach conditions, making it the perfect surf fishing lure rod.

Nebula H 3.0M – 15-56g

This 9ft 10inch rod is capable of casting lures from 15 to 56g. It has immense power and is the go-to rod for fishing at long distance or in very rough sea conditions, where you need extra power.

Nebula H 3.3M – 20-80g

The extreme casting rod with a powerful blank. Designed for casting heavier soft plastics such as the HTO Inshore Shad, the extra power helps you cover more water and fish in extreme conditions.


HNEB21MLHTO Nebula - 2.1m | 5-22g£125.99
HNEB23MHTO Nebula - 2.3m | 7-28g£126.99
HNEB24MHTO Nebula - 2.4m | 7-30g£152.99
HNEB27MHTO Nebula - 2.7m | 7-35g£153.99
HNEB27MHHTO Nebula - 2.7m | 12-42g£159.99
HNEB29MHTO Nebula - 2.9m | 7-35g£169.99
HNEB30MHHTO Nebula - 3.0m | 12-42g£174.99
HNEB30HHTO Nebula - 3.0m | 15-56g£174.99
HNEB33HHTO Nebula - 3.3m | 20-80g£169.99



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