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HTO Nebula Rock Rover, 6’11”, 1-7g


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Designed for the travelling, ultra-light angler that can cast weights between 1 and 7g. It breaks down into four sections measuring 60cm and comes with both a solid and a tubular tip. It is small enough to fit in hand luggage, ideal for taking on holiday or to keep in the car. The ideal rod if you're a roving angler who is walking miles to your chosen water, it packs down neat enough to fit in a drink's holder on a rucksack. It measures 6ft 11in when assembled. Coming with two tip styles, this eliminates the need for you to take two different rods on holiday, the one rod can do it all.

The Solid Tip can be used with jig heads on the drop and for reducing the resistance felt by species that inhale a bait. The soft tip provides very little resistance to the fish but will twitch and curve as a fish is playing with the bait. Ideal for shy biting fish.

The Tubular Tip is for working smaller crankbaits and heavier metal lures. It offers you more feel and is excellent for bouncing jig heads along the bottom.

Each tip has white whipping for bite detection and easier tip recognition against the background you're fishing against. Comes with HTO SiC, K spinning guides and a HTO DPS reel seat.



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