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AXIA Folding Net and Handle | 1.6m total | 50cm Net


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Key Features

  • Popular design that is easy to deploy and works one handed with a twist of your arm.
  • Telescopic handle for versatility with a rubber grip and split ring to attach to vests, coats, belts etc.
  • Net is fully folded and compact until required.
  • Made from no-knotted micromesh for fish safety.

Where to buy

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A handy net design that has been popular with fly fisherman for many years, and with lure anglers in recent times. A telescopic handle allows you to adjust the length depending on whether you’re wading or fishing from a bank. The handle has a rubber grip so it won’t slip and a split ring which can be attached to a fly vest, coat, belt etc. It works especially well when used in combination with the HTO Stretch Cord. The net is fully folded for a compact footprint until you need to use it. To deploy the net, a simple twist of the arm will open the net fully meaning it can be operated single handed. The net is made from a no-knotted micromesh for fish safety.



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