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Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders


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Key Features

  • Ideal for shore anglers who use fixed spools and level wind multipliers.
  • Allows creation of smaller shockleader knots.
  • Amplifies line flow for smoothness to help increase casting distance.
  • 5 x 15m Shockleaders per spool. Available in clear and orange.

Where to buy

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Made from advanced copolymer to create a strong and supple leader, each tapered leader is continuous and knotless, tapering from a mainline diameter to a thicker shockleader diameter, this taper enables the angler to tie neat, tight and compact knots when attaching a shockleader to their mainline. These compact knots lend themselves to anglers who fish with fixed spool and multiplier reels, when using a level wind. The smaller knots are ideal for fishing with continental style, surfcasting rods, many of which use smaller tip eyes than standard beachcasters. The smooth line flow created by smaller knots and a tapered leader can also help increase casting efficiency.

When shortened, our Xenon Tapered Shockleaders can be used by boat anglers who prefer smaller, tapered knots when fishing with braid to a mono leader. Available in clear for anglers fishing in shallow or clear water and in daylight and in orange for night time fishing and when the angler wants a visual reference of when the leader is close to shore.


BIT6Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.20-0.50mm | 7lb-42lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT7Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.25-0.60mm | 9lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT8Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.28-0.60mm | 10lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT9Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.30-0.60mm | 12lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT4Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.35-0.60mm | 15lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT5Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.35-0.70mm | 15lb-60lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT5ATronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.37-0.75mm | 18lb-70lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT10Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Clear | 0.40-0.80mm | 26lb-80lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT11Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.20-0.50mm | 7lb-42lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT12Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.25-0.60mm | 9lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT13Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.28-0.60mm | 10lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT14Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.30-0.60mm | 12lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT15Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.35-0.60mm | 15lb-50lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT16Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.35-0.70mm | 15lb-60lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT16ATronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.37-0.75mm | 18lb-70lb | 5x15m£7.99
BIT17Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Leaders - Orange | 0.40-0.80mm | 26lb-80lb | 5x15m£7.99




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