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Tronixpro Blackout


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Key Features

  • Memory free line designed specifically for hook snoods, rig tying and leaders
  • No twist or tangle line, ensuring snoods and leaders are always fishing correctly
  • Excellent for knotting, making it a dependable line for most target species
  • Designed for use in saltwater fishing but also good for shooting head and fly line backing
  • Carp anglers can use Blackout for tying Combi Rigs, D-Rigs and for booms and other carp rig variations.

Where to buy

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An advanced, memory free line that is ideal for hook snoods, rig tying and leader building. Its memory free properties mean it won’t twist or tangle making sure that snoods and leaders are always fishing correctly. It also helps to eliminate line twist when catching species like whiting and eels that tend to induce memory twist when retrieved. The memory free nature and line coating make it an excellent knotting line too, making it dependable when targeting almost any species. It is also excellent for tying boat leaders and as a hook length when fishing with live baits below floats. Not only is it a fantastic line for sea anglers but it is also a good quality, affordable line for fly anglers looking for shooting head and fly line backing. For carp anglers, Blackout is good for tying combi rigs, D-Rigs, booms and other carp rig variations.


TBO2020CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 10lb | 0.22mm£5.99
TBO2025CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 14lb | 0.25mm£5.99
TBO2028CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 16lb | 0.28mm£5.99
TBO2030CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 18lb | 0.3mm£5.99
TBO2033CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 20lb | 0.33mm£5.99
TBO2035CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 22lb | 0.35mm£5.99
TBO2040CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 28lb | 0.4mm£6.99
TBO2045CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 33lb | 0.45mm£6.99
TBO2050CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 42lb | 0.5mm£7.99
TBO2060CTronixpro Blackout - Clear | 200m | 58lb | 0.6mm£8.99




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