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Tronixpro Xenon Mainline


Key Features

  • Less stretch to enhance casting distances and bite detection.
  • Fluorocarbon coating refracts light similar to water making it almost invisible under water.
  • Fluorocarbon coating for enhanced abrasion resistance, a dependable line for snag and rough ground fishing.
  • Advanced technology for excellent line knotting, reducing weaknesses associated with knots.
  • Despite the Fluorocarbon coating it is a supple, easy to cast line.

Where to buy

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Produced as a high end mainline for use on fixed spool reels and continental style surf casting rods. The combination of a reduced stretch line and a super slick, abrasion resistant fluorocarbon coating helps the angler get the very best casting performance from these setups. The reduced stretch also heightens its ability to detect bites at range, giving direct feedback on any activity at the terminal tackle end.

Xenon features a fluorocarbon coating that aids with abrasion resistance but also makes the line almost invisible under water. Fluorocarbon coated lines refract light similar to water, meaning it remains clear and almost invisible when immersed in water. The coating also makes the line almost impermeable, meaning it will retain full strength when wet.

Xenon is not limited to surf casting, it is a fantastic line for carp and specialist fishing too. The reduced stretch line makes it ideal for feeling leads down, giving anglers the direct contact needed to determine the kind of lake bed they are fishing over. This reduced stretch and coating lends itself to softer, more through action carp rods to aid smooth casting and distance. While the fluorocarbon coating adds abrasion resistance when snag fishing while helping with line concealment.


SKUThumbnail Description Price
TLXV3018 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-18mm-6-23lb-300m 0.18mm | 6.23lb | 300m £5.99
TLXV3020 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-20mm-7-19lb-300m 0.20mm | 7.19lb | 300m £5.99
TLXV3025 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-25mm-10-5lb-300m 0.25mm | 10.5lb | 300m £7.99
TLXV3028 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-28mm-13lb-300m 0.28mm | 13lb | 300m £9.99
TLXV3030 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-30mm-16-24lb-300m 0.30mm | 16.24lb | 300m £9.99
TLXV3033 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-33mm-20-02lb-300m 0.33mm | 20.02lb | 300m £9.99
TLXV3040 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-40mm-26-11lb-300m 0.40mm | 26.11lb | 300m £9.99
TLXV1018 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-18mm-6-23lb-1000m 0.18mm | 6.23lb | 1000m £11.99
TLXV1020 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-20mm-7-19lb-1000m 0.20mm | 7.19lb | 1000m £12.99
TLXV1025 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-25mm-10-5lb-1000m 0.25mm | 10.5lb | 1000m £17.99
TLXV1028 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-28mm-13lb-1000m 0.28mm | 13lb | 1000m £18.99
TLXV1030 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-30mm-16-24lb-1000m 0.30mm | 16.24lb | 1000m £19.99
TLXV1033 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-33mm-20-02lb-1000m 0.33mm | 20.02lb | 1000m £23.99
TLXV1040 Tronixpro Xenon Mainline - 0-40mm-26-11lb-1000m 0.40mm | 26.11lb | 1000m £24.99

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0.18mm | 6.23lb | 1000m, 0.18mm | 6.23lb | 300m, 0.20mm | 7.19lb | 1000m, 0.20mm | 7.19lb | 300m, 0.25mm | 10.5lb | 1000m, 0.25mm | 10.5lb | 300m, 0.28mm | 13lb | 1000m, 0.28mm | 13lb | 300m, 0.30mm | 16.24lb | 1000m, 0.30mm | 16.24lb | 300m, 0.33mm | 20.02lb | 1000m, 0.33mm | 20.02lb | 300m, 0.40mm | 26.11lb | 1000m, 0.40mm | 26.11lb | 300m