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Tronixpro Fluorocarbon Hook Length – Soft


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– Advanced fluorocarbon formula specifically developed for the creation of hook snoods.
– 100% Japanese Fluorocarbon, nearly invisible when submerged.
– High knot strength, abrasion resistance and durability.
– Ideal for targeting shy biting fish and when fishing in clear water.
– Soft version is supple, giving greater movement to your baits and hugging seabed contours better.

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Our advanced Fluorocarbon Hook Length utilises the very latest in Japanese Fluorocarbon technology. More and more anglers are switching on to the benefits of fluorocarbon. Its near invisibility, when submerged, coupled with its abrasion resistance and excellent knot strength, make it the ultimate snood line. It is ideal to use when you’re fishing in clear water, seeking shy biting fish, or wanting the added confidence and durability that fluorocarbon affords. This soft version is still very durable but is more supple, giving greater movement to your baits. When fishing down rigs and longer snoods, this more supple line will hug the contours of the seabed.


TLFCS8Tronixpro Fluorocarbon Hook Length - Soft - 0.22mm | 8lb | 3.63kg | 50m£9.99
TLFCS10Tronixpro Fluorocarbon Hook Length - Soft - 0.26mm | 10lb | 4.54kg | 50m£9.99
TLFCS12Tronixpro Fluorocarbon Hook Length - Soft - 0.28mm | 12lb | 5.44kg | 50m£12.99
TLFCS15Tronixpro Fluorocarbon Hook Length - Soft - 0.30mm | 15lb | 6.80kg | 50m£16.99
TLFCS18Tronixpro Fluorocarbon Hook Length - Soft - 0.35mm | 18lb | 8.16kg | 50m£18.99
TLFCS25Tronixpro Fluorocarbon Hook Length - Soft - 0.41mm | 25lb | 11.34kg | 50m£20.99



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