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Tronixpro Envoy Power Handle


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Key Features

  • A range of handles designed to replace handles on existing 5500 and 6500 sized reels.
  • The power handle is designed for anglers with bigger hands, providing a comfortable way to wind in the reel.
  • The power handle improves leverage and efficiency of the reel.

Where to buy

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A range of universal handles designed to fit most multiplier reels from a whole host of different manufacturers. The double carbon handle will provide a slightly better balance to the reel as the weight is evenly spread across the handle. It also provides the angler the advantage of being able to drop onto a handle without looking. The power handle is ideal for the angler who has bigger hands, it provides a more comfortable way of winding in the reel, the extra length also improves leverage and so the efficiency of the reel.



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