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Tronixpro Virtuoso Spool


Key Features

  • Spare spools that fit the Tronixpro range of Virtuoso Reels.
  • Designed for the angler who fishes with several diameters of line.
  • Cost effective way to have multiple spools of line ready for different angling situations.

Where to buy

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The range of Virtuoso spools is extensive. Each available separately allowing the angler to carry as many line configurations as they need for a session. The range features a high capacity deep spool for storing large quantities of thicker line. The medium spool will carry more line than most anglers will ever need in medium breaking strains. For the angler who fishes with lower diameter lines and braid, the shallow and UL shallow spools are ideal. For anglers who require many low diameter spools, with the minimum investment, there are also hard shallow plastic spools.


SKUThumbnail Description Price
TPVDS Tronixpro Virtuoso Spool - deep Deep £17.99
TPVMS Tronixpro Virtuoso Spool - medium Medium £17.99
TPVSS Tronixpro Virtuoso Spool - shallow Shallow £17.99
TPVPSP Tronixpro Virtuoso Spool - plastic-shallow Plastic Shallow £4.99
TPVULS Tronixpro Virtuoso Spool - ul-shallow UL Shallow £24.99

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Deep, Medium, Plastic Shallow, Shallow, UL Shallow