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Tronixpro Xenon C-6 | 8000


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– Super smooth reel with 13+1 Stainless-Steel Bearings.
– The Worm shaft system eliminates movement and vibration for smoother fish playing.
– Quick drag allows you to switch the drag from light to full-on with a turn of the drag knob.
– Slow oscillation for better line lay.
– Screw in handle for strength.

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A super smooth reel that comes with 13+1, marine grade, stainless-steel bearings for a silky retrieve. The worm shaft gearing system provides plenty of torque and eliminates movement and vibration, making playing fish and retrieving from long distances effortless. The quick drag system allows you to change the reel drag from light to full-on with one turn of the drag knob, perfect when targeting fish that you want to run on the initial take. The slow oscillation system ensures that the line lay is perfect, every time, helping to gain those extra casting yards.

The reel spool comes with two sprung line clips on either side; these make it easy to thread the line underneath to stop it from unravelling. They’re also perfect for anglers fishing accurately and use the line clip to ensure they’re casting the correct distance each time.

For strength, it comes with a screw-in handle, eliminating any twist and movement in the handle when retrieving.



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