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HTO Tumble


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Key Features

  • A heavy base and vane produce an erratic, tumbling motion as the jig drops through the water.
  • Realistic, reflective colouration for added attraction.
  • Fitted with dual assist hooks and a strong, flat split ring.
  • A proven lure in the UK for cod and pollack when wreck fishing or fishing over rough ground.
  • Available in large sizes for fishing in deeper water and strong tides when using braided lines.

Where to buy

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As its name suggests, this slow jig has been developed to slowly tumble through the water column. A heavy base with an added vane helps to produce the erratic, tumbling motion as the slow jig is worked. This has proved to be successful for all manner of species including cod and pollack when wreck fishing. It is available in large sizes up to 400g which makes it good for fishing in deep water and stronger tides, especially when fishing with braided lines. It has a realistic, reflective colouration for added attraction. The jig is fitted with dual assist hooks and comes with a strong, flat split ring. A proven lure in UK and Irish waters and a must have in the bag when going further afield to Norway in search of bigger cod and halibut.


HTU1301HTO Tumble - 130g | 001£9.99
HTU1302HTO Tumble - 130g | 002£9.99
HTU1303HTO Tumble - 130g | 003£9.99
HTU1312HTO Tumble - 130g | 012£9.99
HTU1314HTO Tumble - 130g | 014£9.99
HTU1701HTO Tumble - 175g | 001£10.99
HTU1702HTO Tumble - 175g | 002£10.99
HTU1703HTO Tumble - 175g | 003£10.99
HTU1712HTO Tumble - 175g | 012£10.99
HTU1714HTO Tumble - 175g | 014£10.99
HTU2301HTO Tumble - 230g | 001£11.99
HTU2302HTO Tumble - 230g | 002£11.99
HTU2303HTO Tumble - 230g | 003£11.99
HTU2312HTO Tumble - 230g | 012£11.99
HTU2314HTO Tumble - 230g | 014£11.99
HTU3001HTO Tumble - 300g | 001£13.99
HTU3002HTO Tumble - 300g | 002£13.99
HTU3003HTO Tumble - 300g | 003£13.99
HTU3012HTO Tumble - 300g | 012£13.99
HTU3014HTO Tumble - 300g | 014£13.99
HTU4001HTO Tumble - 400g | 001£16.99
HTU4002HTO Tumble - 400g | 002£16.99
HTU4003HTO Tumble - 400g | 003£16.99
HTU4012HTO Tumble - 400g | 012£16.99
HTU4014HTO Tumble - 400g | 014£16.99



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