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Tronixpro Chrome Bar Pirk


Key Features

  • Traditional British style pirk that has been catching fish for decades
  • A simple design that is cut angular at either end to produce an action that mimics a wounded fish
  • Great for casting off the shore in smaller sizes
  • Can be used as a weight to add extra attraction to a set of feathers
  • Perfect for cod, pollack and bass.

Where to buy

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A traditional style pirk that has been bringing fish to boats for years. A uniformed weighed pirk that is cut angular at either end. This angular shape gives the pirk a slightly erratic action that mimics a wounded fish. The larger pirks are ideal for cod fishing whilst the smaller pirks are good bass catchers, but also good off the shore too. Bar pirks are often used as the weight on a set of feathers, the flash created by them becoming a visual attractor to attract fish to the smaller feathers, it can also pick up a bonus larger fish when fishing for bait fish.


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