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– A polyester line that has virtually no stretch, offering you maximum sensitivity.
– Minimal resistance when casting allows you to cast the lightest weights and lures.
– Denser than water, Ester sinks as fast as your lure does.
– Far greater connection to your lure than with Fluorocarbon, braid or monofilament.
– Suited to on the drop style fishing in all depths, it is the go-to line when fishing for extremely shy fish.

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When it comes to finesse, Ester lines have been breaking new ground. Rockfish Ester is a polyester line, it has virtually no stretch and offers you the ability to fish directly with unrivalled sensitivity. Ester offers minimal resistance when coming off the reel spool; it is especially adept at casting with the lightest lures. Its major advantage over braid, Fluorocarbon and monofilament is its much higher density, so it sinks quickly. Rockfish Ester will sink as fast as your lure does. You can fish them quicker but with far more connection to your lure than other line types. Suited to on the drop style fishing in all depths, its ability to fish with very light weights can be the difference between catching and not when after extremely shy fish. Due to the nature of this line, it is recommended to fish with two to three feet of HTO Rockfish FC, tied to the Ester with a Surgeons Knot.


HLRFE4HTO Rockfish Ester Mainline - 0.15mm | 4lb | 1.81kg | 150m | Clear, HTO£7.99
HLRFE5HTO Rockfish Ester Mainline - 0.18mm | 5lb | 2.27kg | 150m | Clear, HTO£7.99
HLRFE7HTO Rockfish Ester Mainline - 0.19mm | 7lb | 3.18kg | 150m | Clear, HTO£7.99
HLRFE9HTO Rockfish Ester Mainline - 0.22mm | 9lb | 4.08kg | 150m | Clear, HTO£7.99



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