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HTO Hooligan Fluorocarbon Leader


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– 100% Fluorocarbon, hard-wearing and durable for lure fishing leaders.
– Tightly compacted molecules make this line more abrasion-resistant for working around rocks and rough ground.
– Reduced stretch for maximum sensitivity when using braided lines.
– Fully waterproof and won’t weaken when wet, with excellent knotting ability.
– Compact spool for ease of storage.

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A hard-wearing, durable 100% Fluorocarbon for lure fishing for bass, pollack, wrasse, and larger freshwater species. It has high abrasion resistance for fishing around structures, and its tightly compacted construction limits stretch, so you stay connected with your lure. It is denser than water and will sink quickly, taking up the slack between your braid and lure faster. It is fully waterproof, meaning it stays strong and has a high knot strength. Hooligan FC has various breaking strains to suit most lure fishing situations. It is supplied on a compact spool for ease of storage.


HLLGFC20HTO Hooligan Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.43mm | 20lb | 9.07kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£8.99
HLLGFC12HTO Hooligan Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.30mm | 12lb | 5.44kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£5.99
HLLGFC15HTO Hooligan Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.36mm | 15lb | 6.80kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£6.99
HLLGFC18HTO Hooligan Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.40mm | 18lb | 8.16kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£7.99



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