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HTO Nebula X8 Braid


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Key Features

  • Eight Strand 100% UHMWPE from Japan. Ultra-soft and supple braid that is incredibly strong and durable.
  • Tightly woven for higher breaking strain to diameter, better line profile and casting. Maximum sensitivity and immediate feedback.
  • UV protection for a longer lasting line.
  • Designed for modern lure anglers, perfect for fishing with hard lures, soft plastics, jig heads and jigs.

Where to buy

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Woven from eight strands of Japanese UHMWPE fibre our Nebula X8 is an ultra-soft, supple but incredibly strong and durable line. Designed specifically for the needs of the modern angler who demands maximum durability and high performance. Nebula X8 is tightly woven to produce a low diameter, round profile braid that sits well on both spinning and baitcasting reels without digging into itself. Combining this with its slick, soft and smooth nature creates a high-performance casting line that is perfect for fishing with hard lures, soft plastics, jig heads and jigs, giving the angler maximum sensitivity and immediate feedback. A UV protection layer adds resistance to the damaging effects of the sun on braided lines, ensuring that the braid lasts longer, saving the angler money in regular line replacement.


HNX808OHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Orange | 0.14mm | 0.8PE | 16lb | 150m£17.99
HNX810OHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Orange | 0.16mm | 1.0PE | 20lb | 150m£14.99
HNX812OHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Orange | 0.18mm | 1.2PE | 24lb | 150m£14.99
HNX808PHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Pink | 0.14mm | 0.8PE | 16lb | 150m£17.99
HNX810PHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Pink | 0.16mm | 1.0PE | 20lb | 150m£14.99
HNX812PHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Pink | 0.18mm | 1.2PE | 24lb | 150m£14.99
HNX802OHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Orange | 0.08mm | 0.2PE | 8lb | 150m£18.99
HNX804OHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Orange | 0.10mm | 0.4PE | 11lb | 150m£14.99
HNX806OHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Orange | 0.12mm | 0.6PE | 13lb | 150m£14.99
HNX802PHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Pink | 0.08mm | 0.2PE | 8lb | 150m£18.99
HNX804PHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Pink | 0.10mm | 0.4PE | 11lb | 150m£14.99
HNX806PHTO Nebula X8 Braid - Pink | 0.12mm | 0.6PE | 13lb | 150m£14.99




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