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HTO Lure Fishing Multi Tool | 12cm | 52g


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Key Features

  • A compact tool that does many jobs, with a length of 12cm.
  • Can cut wire and mono with its dedicated cutters.
  • A split ring opener makes attaching new hooks to lures a doddle.
  • Narrow, precise pliers are perfect for hook removal.
  • Non-slip handle, ideal for use with wet hands.

Where to buy

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Pliers are an essential piece of kit for any lure angler, and when you want to travel light, what better than to combine several tools into one. The HTO Lure Multi-Tool has been developed, so you’ve got a tool that does several jobs, reducing how much gear you need to take. The dual cutter allows you to cut mono, braid and wire. It also comes with a split ring opener, making it easy to prise open even the hardiest of split rings to add hooks to lures or anything else you need to attach to a split ring. The pliers are also narrow, making them precise and easy to grasp hooks for hook removal. So, they can be used in any weather and with wet hands and feature a non-slip grip. They also come with a safety lock that keeps them together when not in use.



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