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AXIA Tuff Headlamp | COB LED | 140 Lumens


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Key Features

  • Tough and durable headlamp.
  • Built as a COB LED light for uniformity of brightness and for reliability.
  • Comes with soft, adjustable head band for comfort.
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries.

Where to buy

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A robust headlamp designed for anglers who need a tough light that can be thrown in a tackle box or rucksack without any worry of damage. Developed as a COB (chip-on-board) light, it has a tightly packed array of LED lights which provides a uniformity of brightness. Due to the simpler construction of the COB light array, it is more robust and reliable than lights built on more common LED arrays. The light has a soft, adjustable head band for comfort and requires 3 AAA batteries.



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