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Lure Fishing Revolution! Affordable Tackle for Lure Anglers.


HTO is a brand dedicated to pushing lure fishing boundaries in the UK and Europe. Designed and tested in the UK, we are passionate about supplying the right tools for techniques employed across the lure fishing spectrum. With quality in mind, we strive to supply our goods at the right price points to meet every lure anglers level of experience.

Committed to bringing the lure fishing revolution to the masses, HTO has developed a range of lure fishing tackle to target all of our British species of fish. Whether freshwater or saltwater - we offer the tackle to catch them!

A sub brand of our parent Company – TronixFishing, HTO is driven by our mission to provide premium quality, high performance lure fishing tackle at affordable prices.

With this ethos driving our product innovation, over the last few years, HTO has grown to become a popular and respected name within the growing lure angling community.

HTO’S lure fishing gear is developed and chosen by some of the Country’s most successful lure anglers – our ProStaff team regularly use, recommend and contribute to the innovation of our product range.

With a collection of high performance LRF, HRF and lure rods, as well as reasonably priced Technical end tackle such as jig heads, clips, weights and hooks, HTO is a key player in the Country's lure fishing revolution.

To see the full range of HTO lure fishing tackle, please take a look through our online catalogue.

HTO’s products are stocked in angling shops throughout the UK – to find your nearest store, use our stockist locator tool.

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