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Jake Schogler

Discipline: Lure and Light Game

Jake SchoglerEver since Jake was a little boy, he has always had a fascination with fish and fishing.

Born in Scunthorpe and moving to Dunbar in Scotland when he was 5 years old, he lived right on the rocky beach and spent every day finding fish in the rock pools and fishing in the harbour with his wee hand line. At 8, Jake got his first spinning rod and his love affair with lure fishing began.

When he was 16, Jake’s first job was in a tackle shop, Forrest and Sons in Kelso. A couple of years later, Jake was working in another fishing tackle shop selling antique tackle where it was his job to catalogue and describe antique lures. This also gave Jake access to American fishing tackle and he spent most of his wages getting mail order lures from the U.S.A which he began to use for Pollock, Perch, Pike and Sea Bass.

In the intervening years, Jake fished all over the country Course, Game and Sea and then progressed to Europe chasing Largemouth Bass in France, Spain and Cyprus. Apart from carp, all of Jake’s big fish had fallen to lures of one type or another and he was always interested in the more finesse styles of fishing.

4 years ago, Jake discovered The Rockfish Files, an online magazine detailing a new style of finesse fishing in the sea, Light Rock Fishing. This little gem of a book put together by the Jersey Bass guides was inspirational… the refined tackle, the techniques – it was like they took what Jake was already doing and refined it to a point where his 1-10gram rod and 10lb braid set up seemed heavy!

Jake ordered his first LRF rod and the rest as they say is history!

Over the past 4 years, Jake has been involved in a thriving online community writing and blogging about the fun and ultimately extremely successful branch of the sport.

He has caught an incredible array of species with this style as well as many specimen sized fish, developing new techniques and a new understanding of just how predatory many of our UK species are.

Jake is very excited to be working with TronixFishing – a company dedicated to British lure fishing and together, we have the chance to use and develop tackle for our very own British light game species.

BRANDS: HTO, HartAquawaveYGK, Asari, Yokozuna

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LRF is often associated with catching smaller fish, but as Jake Schogler explains, the more you fish with this method the more you'll encounter the bigger fish, here, Jake runs us through how to land those bigger fish on ultra light gear.

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