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Tronixpro Xenon DV8 | 8000 | 6+1BB | 4.6:1


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Key Features

  • Lightweight reel made from strong carbon composite for better balance on all fixed spool rods.
  • 6+1 Stainless Steel Shielded bearings and a tough worm drive gear provide a smooth retrieve.
  • 4.6:1 Retrieve ensures a nippy 1m per handle turn recovery rate.
  • Slow oscillation system for smooth, level line lay to help increase casting distance.
  • Anti-Vibration System maximises the working potential of the reel to bring bigger fish in easier.

Where to buy

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Balance and weight are important factors that determine how well you can cast and maximise your distance. Our new DV8 reel has been developed as a lightweight fixed spool reel designed to give greater balance when using three and two-piece fixed spool rods, in particular our extensive range of three-piece surfcasting rods. When the overall outfit is balanced and light the speed at which you can move the rod through the air increases improving momentum and overall casting distance. To achieve this lightness, the body and rotor have been built from a carbon composite body which is strong and durable and takes grams off the overall reel weight.

Inside the reel six stainless steel shielded bearings alongside a tough worm drive gearing provide a smooth retrieve. The 4.6:1 gear ratio powers a nippy line recovery of 1m per handle turn, perfect for those long-distance casts! To ensure longer, smoothing casting a slow oscillation system produces perfect line lay, avoiding line bunching across the spool that can cut yards from your cast. A quick set, powerful drag produces 35lbs of pressure to help subdue lively, fast running fish for ultimate control.

To combat reel vibration and lateral movement, the DV8 comes with a Anti Vibration System. AVS holds all the internal components in their precise place when the reel is under pressure ensuring the reel is working at its maximum, all the time, making it easier to land bigger fish.

The reel comes supplied with a Medium sized spool and there are additional Deep, Shallow and Teflon spools available to buy separately.



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