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Tronixpro Weigh & Measure Sling


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– Allows you to protect fish when unhooking, measuring and weighing.
– Hard-wearing PVC is easy to clean.
– Rubberised mesh pockets at either end to secure the fish in place.
– Rubberised mesh also allows water to escape for accurate measuring.
– Ruler inside in inches and CM for accurate measuring.
– Strong handles for lifting, weighing and releasing fish.
– Folds up small for easy carrying in a box or rucksack.

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With more and more anglers considering fish care, this Weigh and Measure Sling ensures your catch is protected when unhooking, measuring and weighing. A product that will find favour with anglers for most larger species, especially smoothhounds, huss, ling, pollack and bass.

The sling is made from hard-wearing PVC and measures just over a metre in length. A rubberised mesh at either end of the sling acts as a pocket. This makes sure that your catch can’t slip out when weighing. There is also rubberised mesh at the top of either side. All four mesh areas allow water to escape the sling to ensure an accurate weight.

The sling has a ruler in both inches and CM to measure your catch easily. Strong handles make lifting easy with the fish inside so you can slide them over the weigh scale hook. The sling can be used to gently let the fish back into the water after weighing and photographing.



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