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Tronixpro Replacement Rod Bag


Key Features

  • Replacement bags for sea fishing rods for anglers who have lost or damaged existing rod bags
  • Protect rods when on the move or just in storage
  • Increase a rods value by preventing unneeded damage.

Where to buy

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Four rod bags designed to house a several different rod lengths. Ideal for anglers who have either lost or damaged their existing rod bags. There is a rod back cut for either three or two-piece rods in lengths ranging from 12 feet to 15 feet. For added security, there is a three-piece padded rod bag, ideal for continental style surf casting rods.


TPRRB15Tronixpro Replacement Rod Bag - 15' 3 pcs£13.19
TPRRB12Tronixpro Replacement Rod Bag - 12' 2 pcs£10.99
TPRRB14Tronixpro Replacement Rod Bag - 14' 2 pcs£13.19
TPPRB15Tronixpro Replacement Rod Bag - 15' 3 pcs Padded£15.39

Additional information


15' 3 pcs Padded, 12' 2 pcs, 14' 2 pcs, 15' 3 pcs