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Tronixpro Sand Spike


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Key Features

  • A lightweight rod rest that can be stuck into sand or shingle to hold a beach fishing rod
  • Light enough to strap to an angler’s rods, it makes the perfect companion for the mobile shore angler
  • An adjustable butt cap allows the rod butt to be placed at any height on the spike, to suit the conditions
  • The rod rest head is of an open hexagon shape, so the rod is secure and can’t bounce out in wind or when a fish takes
  • The Sand Spike is 1.5m in length.

Where to buy

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Popular on the continent and in the US and Australia for years, a Sand Spike is the perfect, lightweight, rod rest. Our Tronixpro one has been designed for the beach angler who likes to fish light. The Sand Spike is light enough to strap to rods and simply takes one push to get it into the sand, before the angler is fishing. There is no need to adjust legs, screw in butt cups and rod rest heads, it is quick and easy fishing. The Sand Spike head features an open hexagon shape that secure the rod in place, it almost encloses the rod so that it can’t bounce out in wind or when a big fish takes. There is an adjustable butt cup that can move up and down the Sand Spike so it can be positioned correctly for the rod and conditions. The sharp spike will work its way into sand and between shingle with ease. For the mobile, lightweight angler, it is the perfect rod rest.



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