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Tronixpro Squid Jig


Key Features

  • Simple design of squid jig that is unweighted
  • Features a rough texture to mimic fish scales and catches the light for attraction
  • Razor sharp points in two rows ensures that when a squid attacks the lure, it will be caught.

Where to buy

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More and more anglers are fishing for squid and cuttlefish, either to catch them as bait, for fun or to eat. These squid jigs are simple in design, they are unweighted and feature two rows of points to ensure if a squid attacks the lures, they will be caught. The jigs come in three different colours and feature a rough texture the catches the light when worked for maximum attraction.


SJPTronixpro Squid Jig - Pink | 7cm | 10g£3.99
SJBTronixpro Squid Jig - Blue | 7cm | 10g£3.99
SJGTronixpro Squid Jig - Green | 7cm | 10g£3.99

Additional information


Blue | 7cm | 10g, Green | 7cm | 10g, Pink | 7cm | 10g