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Tronixpro Rucksack


Key Features


  • A high capacity rucksack designed for the mobile angler, with plenty of pockets for organisation.
  • A hard-wearing base makes the rucksack free standing, with a flat top for temporary placing of items. It won’t roll or collapse.
  • A single, large semi-rigid compartment is practical for storing large tackle items and clothing.
  • Four large pannier pockets and two large front pockets provide enough storage for all manner of tackle items and tackle boxes.

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A high capacity well thought out, efficient and ergonomic rucksack designed for the shore angler. The large flat, durable, hard wearing base makes the rucksack free standing, it cannot roll or collapse. The top is also flat so that items can temporarily be stored on top of the bag – making it the ideal base station rucksack. It is made from 600D material which is tough and strong, ideally suited to the rough and tumble environment of sea angling on rock marks, piers, boulders, stones and course sand.

Internally there is one, large capacity, semi-rigid compartment, it is rectangular in shape, which is more practical for storing fishing tackle than a standard off the shelf rucksack. The main compartment is ideal for storing clothing, tackle boxes, reel cases, lead bags and anything else that might be needed on a session.

Four, large pannier pockets, two on each side of the rucksack have been designed to stand off the rucksack, so they can be filled with items without taking away storage from the main compartment. These pockets are ideal for close to hand items such as tools, rigs, terminal tackle and are strong enough to carry leads in too. On the front of the rucksack, two, stand-off pockets run the whole width of the main compartment and are large enough for storing rig wallets, tackle boxes and other larger tackle items. Each pocket is double zipped for convenience and comes with red pull cords and rubberised Tronixpro branded tabs for ease of use with cold or wet hands.

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