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Tronixpro Multiplier Wrap


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Key Features

  • Designed to fully cover multiplier reels when attached to the rod. The cover fully wraps the front of the reel and around the side plates and underneath
  • Self-fastener secures the wrap around the base of the reel keeping it securely on.
  • Ideal to protect reels when travelling from mark to mark, allowing the angler to keep their reels on their rods between sessions
  • Wraps are excellent for boat anglers, the neoprene cover protecting the reel from salt spray when travelling between marks
  • Will fit reel sizes 5500 to 6500.

Where to buy

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Suitable for reels in the 5500 to 6500 sized, this neoprene cover has been designed to entirely cover multiplier reels when attached to the rod. The cover wraps around the front of the multiplier reel, while underneath it has been cut out specifically to fit around the reel footplate, leaving the underside protected too. A self-fastening strap secures the wrap around the base of the reel. On one side the cover is fully enclosed, while on the opposite side, the cover is open, this is to accommodate the reel drag, gearing and handle mechanisms. To keep this area protected, a long, stretchy flap wraps over the whole reel, secured in place on the opposite side with a self-fastener. This strap is long enough to enclose the reel and wrap around the rod butt. Good for protecting reels when on the move from mark to mark. If you're a boat angler, these wraps will protect reels from saltwater spray when steaming to a mark.



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