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Tronixpro Rubber Bakkan | 45 x 30 x 29cm


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Key Features

  • Large capacity Bakkan style waterproof bag, ideal for shore, boat, and lure anglers.
  • Designed to work in harmony with other Tronixpro Luggage items, fitting four Mini EVA Bakken Bags or three Large Tackle Boxes, it will also swallow Lead Bags, Rig Wallets, Winder Boxes etc.
  • Rigid design, features carry handles that lock in place, so the handle is always ready to use if needed. Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Rigid, plastic base copes well with rough terrain such as rocks and boulders.
  • All round lid opening for easy access.

Where to buy

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A large capacity Bakkan style bag that has copious capacity and is waterproof. Designed to complement our existing luggage, when mixed and matched with other items in the range, it gives the angler an organised, easy to adapt storage system. It will easily accommodate four EVA Mini Bakken bags or three of our large Tackle Boxes. The bag is designed rigid and features both carry handles and a shoulder strap. The carry handles are made from durable plastic and lock into each other, so the grab handle is always ready to use, the shoulder strap is adjustable for comfort. The base is made from durable, hard plastic which copes well with rough terrain such as rocks and boulders. The lid is zipped around most of the four sides and opens to the side to make getting into the bag easy. The material is easy to clean after each session to keep the bag in top condition. This is the ideal bag for the short session shore angler, boat anglers looking to a lighter solution to boxes and for lure anglers too.



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