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Tronixpro Rig Winder Case


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Key Features

  • A lightweight, fabric case for carrying EVA rig winders for storing sea fishing rigs
  • Compact size that will fit in most tackle boxes and rucksacks with ease
  • Ideal for the angler who likes to be organised on a session
  • Clear plastic window allows a label to be used to identify the types of rigs in each case.
  • Dimensions: 27 x 7 x 7 CM.

Where to buy

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For the light travelling angler, this fabric case is ideal for carrying a modest number of rigs on rig winders for short sessions. Due to the compact size, it is also handy for the angler who carries many rigs, in a light but organised way. The case is made from hard-wearing fabric and features a self-fastening closure across the full length of the winder case. A handy lift tab makes it easier to open the case to get to rigs. A clear plastic window allows for an identification label, so the contents of each case are known. Each winder case will carry ten standard rig winders and up to 20 of the slim rig winders.


ERWCASETronixpro Rig Winder Case - EVA Rig Winder Case£7.99
FRWCASETronixpro Rig Winder Case - Full Rig Winder Case£10.99



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