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Tronixpro Beach Wheels


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Key Features

  • Large, 18cm pneumatic rubber wheels to spread loads evenly over any surface.
  • Made from strong rubber that is durable for use across most terrain types.
  • Comes with an axel and two wheels, so is easy to fit to most trolley types to upgrade their loading capacity.

Where to buy

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Designed for the Tronixpro Beach Trolley but can be universally fitted to any other type of trolley too, the base package includes an axel and two wheels, so is easy to fit to other trolley types. This is a serious upgrade to any trolley, giving the benefits of large, pneumatic tyres to carry weighted loads across a variety of different terrains.

The large, 18cm rubber wheels are filled with air under pressure. This pressure spreads the load efficiently, so the weight of the trolley is evenly spread over a variety of different surfaces. This is especially useful when carrying loads over a muddy field, soft sand or uneven ground.

Made from a strong rubber that makes them durable enough for use across most terrain types from sand, pebbles, shingle, small rocks, piers, breakwaters, roads, tracks, fields, gravel tracks etc. Although these tyres are ultra-tough, we’d recommend caution when using on very sharp stones or rocks.



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