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Tronixpro Rig Winder Box


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Key Features

  • Exclusive, tough clear box for storing sea fishing rigs on rig winders.
  • Designed to allow easy removal of rigs and made from clear plastic for identification.
  • A fantastic box for storing other tackle items in.

Where to buy

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Tronixpro Rig Winder Boxes have been made exclusive for Tronixpro since the introduction of Tronixpro Rig Winders. They have been made to our exact requirements to perfectly fit our rig winders in the optimum configuration. Special attention was paid to the width and height of the box to allow easy removal of each rig winder. Each box is made from a tough and durable clear plastic for easy identification of what is inside. Standard boxes can hold 20 standard and 42 slim winders, whilst the Jumbo Box can carry 12 of our Jumbo Winders.

Although designed for our rig winders, many anglers use them for general tackle storage too, as they are the ideal size for storing clam shell boxes of bits and smaller snood line spools and accessories. Rig Winder boxes are stackable, with a specific raised plastic pattern on the top and bottom of the box which fits into each other.

They are available as a standard or jumbo box, with the standard also available fully loaded with 20 assorted winders.


JRBOXTronixpro Rig Winder Box - Jumbo Rig Winder Box£6.99
ERWBOXTronixpro Rig Winder Box - EVA Rig Winder Box£5.99
FRWASSTronixpro Rig Winder Box - Full Winder Box£10.99



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