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Tronixpro Coasters


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Key Features

  • The perfect fit for most beachcasting rods, the preferred choice of many anglers due to their versatility
  • Made from a high-grade stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Fitted with a soft, durable sponge at the base of the band to protect fingers from cuts when casting
  • Grippy screw to make sure they can be secured properly, especially with cold hands.

Where to buy

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Offering the widest range of options, across different blank diameters, Coasters are the perfect fit for most beach anglers and are often the preferred choice for many. Our Coasters have been designed to offer the best value and most secure reel to butt connection around. Each Coaster is made from high grade stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion when out on the beach. To save the anglers fingers, we’ve fitted a soft, durable sponge around the base of the band to protect fingers from cuts when casting and to add extra comfort in winter. Each screw has been designed with comfort in mind, providing plenty of grip to make sure the coasters are secure, even with cold hands. They are available in four different sizes running from 24mm up to 33m, which covers most blank diameters in use.


TPCOA27Tronixpro Coasters - 27mm£15.99
TPCOA29Tronixpro Coasters - 29mm£15.99
TPCOA31Tronixpro Coasters - 31mm£15.99
TPCOA33Tronixpro Coasters - 33mm£15.99



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