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Tronixpro Headlight


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Key Features

  • 160 lumens of power, an ideal light for night fishing, especially for baiting up and spotting bites
  • Magnification ring allows it to be switched from spotlight to floodlight
  • Motion sensors allow the angler to turn the light on by waving their hand in front of it
  • Fully adjustable head band so it can be worn over a beanie or woollen hat
  • Comes with AAA batteries.

Where to buy

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Featuring a powerful LED bulb which throws out an impressive 160 lumens of power, this is the ideal light for the beach angler when night fishing as either a main light or backup. Giving plenty of illumination to bait up, spot bites and highlight areas of the beach. It has an adjustable magnification ring allows it to go from a spotlight to a floodlight easily. The light also features motion sensors, allowing the angler to turn the light on by waving their hand in front of it, eliminating the need to fiddle around for the button when the light is needed. It comes with a fully adjustable head band, so it can be worn either around the head or over a beanie or woollen hat.



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