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Tronixpro Blaze CXI


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Key Features

  • Unequal sections for more efficient power transfer and easier casting, perfect as a general beach fishing rod.
  • Designed for fixed spool reels.
  • Comes fitted with Fuji Alconite KWAG Guides with CC frames and a Fuji DPS reel seat with cushioned hood. Built using 30T Japanese Carbon from Mitsubishi.
  • Comes with rod bag.

Where to buy

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A unique blank that brings a new dimension to three-piece rods by featuring three, unequal sections. The butt is the shortest, the middle the longest and the tip the middle-sized section. Spigot joints disrupt the smooth transfer of power through the blank. By making the butt shorter we bring the first spigot lower down the rod enabling the use of a longer mid-section. This mid-section can flex smoothly and evenly during the cast to produce a slightly slower, but more efficient blank that is ultra-easy to cast. It is a fantastic clean beach rod in calm and moderate seas, ideally suited to casting weights in the range of 5 to 6oz. It’s perfect for species fishing including plaice, bream, dogfish, flounder, bass, mullet, rays and hounds. It is constructed from 30-ton Japanese carbon which is lightweight but very strong, rung with Fuji guides and a DPS reel seat.


TPBCX14Tronixpro Blaze CXI - 4.2m | 100-225g£239.99
TPBCX15Tronixpro Blaze CXI - 4.5m | 100-225g£249.99

About the Blaze series

A range of quality blanks that cover both continental surf casting rods and traditional shore fishing beachcasters. This stunning, eye catching range has been produced in a range of livery that has been designed to be radical and turn heads on the beach. For the angler bored of the understated or dour coloured blank, our Blaze range of rods will really stand out.All rods are built on blanks constructed from quality carbon materials. The three continental style blanks are built on 30T Japanese Carbon from renowned manufacturer, Mitsubishi. They all come fitted with a full range of Fuji components including CC Framed KWAG guides and cushioned hood Fuji DPS reel seats. This range includes our CXI rod, a unique and unconventional three-piece, unequalled section rod, one of our easiest rods to cast.Five traditional two-piece beachcasters are built on quality blanks featuring xT carbon which produces lightweight and strong blanks. All rods feature Fuji K Guides throughout and a sliding Fuji DPS reel seat. The range covers two light beachcasters, ideal for bass fishing, a match blank for scratching on open beaches and two powerful beachcasters designed for fishing in a heavy surf and from rocks and structures.


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