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Tronixpro Banzai Tournament Mono Mag


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Key Features

  • Single magnet braking system for ultimate control and distance.
  • Side adjustable control to speed up or slow down the cast mid-flight.
  • High tolerance floating spool for friction free running.
  • CNC machined tournament aluminium cage with drilled low bars.
  • Available in both left and right hand versions in a 6500 size.

Where to buy

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A distance casting reel with a tournament cage which is CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminium. The cage bars are set lower, so you have more room to get your thumb over the top of the spool to prevent slipping when power casting, the bars have also been drilled for lightness. The single magnet braking system allows you to free off pressure to a bare minimum to reduce friction on the spool. In addition to the hands-off magnetic braking system, the floating spool has been made to a high tolerance which makes it ultra-free running, this lack of friction makes the reel fly. It’s a reel that needs little fine tuning from the box to get those extra yards.


TRBMMRTronixpro Banzai Tournament Mono Mag - 6500 | Right Handed£129.99
TRBMMLTronixpro Banzai Tournament Mono Mag - 6500 | Left Handed£129.99



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