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– Featuring ultra-sharp, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel serrated blades, these scissors are the perfect companion for any fishing trip.
– Allow you to prepare baits without using a filleting knife, perfect for fine and streamlined baits.
– Feature textured, oversized handles that make them easy to use with wet and cold hands and even when wearing thin gloves.
– Whether you’re preparing bait, trimming knots or shredding through bait elastic – the scissors are a must-have.

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Often scissors are not designed for the needs of anglers, and this is where our Bait Scissors fit the bill. These scissors are the perfect companion for any fishing trip, featuring ultra-sharp corrosion-resistant, stainless steel serrated blades. The handles are oversized to enable you to use them with cold, wet hands and when wearing thin gloves. The handles are textured too, ensuring you always have a good grip in all weathers. These scissors are designed to be your workhorse, the everyday scissors you take on all fishing trips. The blades will cut mono and braid, making them just right for trimming knots. Bound your bait tight with elastic – not a problem, these blades will slice through without fuss. Not only that, but they are unrivalled when preparing neat, streamlined baits. If you’re preparing smaller fish strips, crab, or any other bait, these are the perfect tool for the job.



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