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Tronixpro Search Headlamp


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Key Features

  • High powered LED headlight that has 400 lumens of power
  • Ideal for the beach and rock angler, giving plenty of light to pick a path down rocks or spot objects in the sea
  • Focus ring is metal and built to last
  • Features an adjustable, comfortable head strap with battery compartment
  • Comes with standard AA batteries.

Where to buy

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Our main light, the Tronixpro Search has been designed for all types of night fishing. It features a powerful LED light which kicks out 400 lumens of power, ideal for both the beach and rock angler. The 400 lumens LED bulb gives plenty of light to pick out a path down to a fishing mark safely and helps when spotting objects in the sea in front of the angler that they might need to avoid. The powerful spotlight is ideal when fishing on rock marks or structures when needing to identify where the fish is before landing and picking a safe route to do so. The focus ring is metal and sturdy and built to last. It features an adjustable, elasticated strap and a battery pack that takes both standard AA and rechargeable batteries.



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