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HTO Twistlox Belly Weighted Hooks


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Key Features

  • Super strong and needle-sharp hooks that have been designed for soft plastic lures, especially worm/senko bait style lures as well as smaller fish/shad lures.
  • Features a thin pin and spiral that is placed in the eye of the hook. Its purpose is to enable the angler to screw in or push on a soft plastic lure for security.
  • Twistlox hooks are ideal for weedless rigging and give the lure maximum movement.
  • Added 3.5g belly weight to help sink soft plastic lures into the feeding zone.
  • 3pc per pack.

Where to buy

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The same super strong and needle-sharp hook used for our Twistlox hooks but with an added belly weight on the shank. This added weight helps to sink the lure into the fish feeding zone, useful for exploring more of the water column when hunting out where the fish are holding. As with the bare Twistlox, the hook features a thin pin and spiral allowing you to screw in or push in a soft plastic lure for security and to sit the lure in the optimum position for the best movement when weedless rigging.


HWTL330HTO Twistlox Belly Weighted Hooks - 3/0 | 3.5g | 3pcs£4.99
HWTL340HTO Twistlox Belly Weighted Hooks - 4/0 | 3.5g | 3pcs£4.99
HWTL350HTO Twistlox Belly Weighted Hooks - 5/0 | 3.5g | 3pcs£4.99
HWTL360HTO Twistlox Belly Weighted Hooks - 6/0 | 3.5g | 3pcs£4.99
HWTL370HTO Twistlox Belly Weighted Hooks - 7/0 | 3.5g | 2pcs£4.99



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