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Tronixpro Chinu Ring


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Key Features

  • A thicker gauged version of the Wormer hook, it is the same short, compact, beaked point hook but with heavier wire to target more powerful fish, both large and small.
  • Ideal hook for when species fishing and there could be an encounter with a powerful fish that could cause issues for thinner gauged hooks.
  • Perfect hook for hard fighters such as bream and wrasse.
  • Gives the angler confidence to land bigger species whilst having the option to fish smaller for mini species.

Where to buy

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A slightly thicker gauged hook compared to the Wormer. It has all the same great features as the wormer including the wide gap and slightly turned eye. This is an ideal hook for when you are species fishing but think you might encounter powerful fish that could cause problems for a thinner gauged hook. Species that these hooks are ideal for are hard fighters such as bream, wrasse, bigger dogfish, etc. The strength of these hooks makes them ideal for the boat species angler who needs to fish small hooks but have the confidence the hook can land a much bigger fish if required.


SAC6Tronixpro Chinu Ring - Size 6£2.99
SAC4Tronixpro Chinu Ring - Size 4£2.99
SAC2Tronixpro Chinu Ring - Size 2£2.99
SAC1Tronixpro Chinu Ring - Size 1£2.99
SAC10Tronixpro Chinu Ring - Size 1/0£2.99
SAC20Tronixpro Chinu Ring - Size 2/0£2.99



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