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HTO Tempest WX8 Braid


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– Made from the best Japanese UHMWPE material using the latest WX8 cross-weaving technology.
– Coated surface enhances abrasion resistance and UV damage.
– Extra smooth with low friction to improve casting distance and performance.
– A fantastic all-round line for fishing with jig heads, soft plastics, hard lures and even bait from a boat.

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Tempest Braid uses the latest advancements in Japanese polyethylene technology, made from the best Japanese UHMWPE material. Doubling down on strength and durability, this is the braid for the modern lure angler who needs ultimate reliability and enhanced casting properties. Tempest uses the latest in WX8 cross-weaving techniques, which ensures the braids' strength is not compromised, significantly increasing the tensile strength of the braid while maintaining a thin diameter and round profile. The extra strength afforded by the unique UHMWPE material makes it ideal for anglers fishing amongst rough ground and in extreme environments. To further enhance its durability, Tempest is coated with a surface treatment that enhances abrasion resistance and protects it from the damaging effects of UV. This unique coating provides exceptional smoothness and lower friction to improve casting distance and performance. The ideal line for bass and lure anglers and boat anglers who require a non-stretch, sensitive line that keeps them in touch with the end tackle while providing the ultimate in reliability. A fantastic all-round line for fishing with jig heads, soft plastics, hard lures and even bait fishing from the boat.


HLT802BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 0.2 PE | 0.07mm | 5lb | 2.27kg | 100m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT803BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 0.3 PE | 0.09mm | 6lb | 2.72kg | 100m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT804BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 0.4 PE | 0.10mm | 8lb | 3.63kg | 100m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT806BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 0.6 PE | 0.12mm | 12lb | 5.44kg | 150m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT808BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 0.8 PE | 0.14mm | 17lb | 7.71kg | 150m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT810BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 1.0 PE | 0.16mm | 20lb | 9.07kg | 150m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT812BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 1.2 PE | 0.18mm | 25lb | 11.34kg | 150m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT815BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 1.5 PE | 0.20mm | 30lb | 13.61kg | 150m | Blue, HTO£34.99
HLT820BHTO Tempest WX8 Braid - 2.0 PE | 0.23mm | 40lb | 18.14kg | 150m | Blue, HTO£34.99



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