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HTO Sad Shad


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– Designed by our team of offshore lure anglers for bass, cod and pollack fishing.
– Short, dense lure that helps to combat tide drag so you can fish lighter lures in stronger tides.
– Made from strong, durable material.
– Comes as a single lure and jig head and is ready to fish out of the box.

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A soft plastic lure developed by our team of offshore lure anglers designed for bass, cod and pollack fishing. The Sad Shad is heavy so that it sinks through the water quickly, but, we’ve made the body short and dense, meaning these lures are shorter than other lures of the same weight. This new design means the lure doesn’t experience as much drag as larger lures, meaning you can fish lighter in stronger tides. In testing, this lure design has proved irresistible over a two-year period as we have refined the concept. The lure comes as a single lure with a jig head and is ready to fish out of the box.


HSSF30PGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 30g | Purple Glitter, HTO£5.99
HSSF30CWHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 30g | Chart/White, HTO£5.99
HSSF30KHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 30g | Khaki, HTO£5.99
HSSF30BGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 30g | Blue Glitter, HTO£5.99
HSSF30WHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 30g | White, HTO£5.99
HSSF60PGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 60g | Purple Glitter, HTO£6.99
HSSF60CWHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 60g | Chart/White, HTO£6.99
HSSF60KHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 60g | Khaki, HTO£6.99
HSSF60BGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 60g | Blue Glitter, HTO£6.99
HSSF60WHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 60g | White, HTO£6.99
HSSF90PGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 90g | Purple Glitter, HTO£7.99
HSSF90CWHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 90g | Chart/White, HTO£7.99
HSSF90KHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 90g | Khaki, HTO£7.99
HSSF90BGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 90g | Blue Glitter, HTO£7.99
HSSF90WHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 90g | White, HTO£7.99
HSSF120PGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 120g | Purple Glitter, HTO£8.99
HSSF120CWHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 120g | Chart/White, HTO£8.99
HSSF120KHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 120g | Khaki, HTO£8.99
HSSF120BGHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 120g | Blue Glitter, HTO£8.99
HSSF120WHHTO Sad Shad - 150mm | 120g | White, HTO£8.99



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