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HTO Cones


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– Super stretchy, buoyant material that squirms, dances, and moves in the current.
– Fully rigged and ready to fish, including lure bodies and jig heads.
– Comes in various colours and packs depending on preference and fishing situation.

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The Ned Rig has exploded recently, a deadly tactic when fishing for small predators, especially perch. Our Cones lures are ready rigged to fish, featuring a Cones jig head and Cones soft plastic lure in the same pack. Cones lures are extremely buoyant and stand up exceptionally well. The ribbed body is designed to squirm and dance in the current or with very gentle, sporadic movements. Cones are a representation of all manner of aquatic life, including bait fish burrowing into the substrate, which perch find irresistible. Cones are best worked very slowly, with long pauses in between movements. A sensitive rod is required to fish these effectively, such as the HTO Tempest Range.

Cones come in various sizes and also two mixed colour packs. A dark pack, which works well if you want to imitate bait fish and in clearer water. The light pack, is more vibrant and ideal for when fishing in murky water.

Separate Cone Jig Heads are available.


HSCO71HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 1. 50/50, HTO£5.99
HSCO72HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 2. Crayfish, HTO£5.99
HSCO73HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 3. Dark Melon, HTO£5.99
HSCO74HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 4. Smokin', HTO£5.99
HSCO75HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 5. Pearl, HTO£5.99
HSCO76HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 6. Peanut Butter & Jam, HTO£5.99
HSCO77HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 7. Chart Mix, HTO£5.99
HSCO78HTO Cones - 7cm | 3.5g Head | 2.5g Body | 8. Bubble Gum, HTO£5.99
HSCO7LHTO Cones - Light Pack | 5, HTO£5.99
HSCO7DHTO Cones - Dark Pack | 1, HTO£5.99



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