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HTO Rockfish Reels


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– Designed for ultralight fishing, the reel is light in weight and corrosion resistant.
– Powerful, smooth drag that can be fine-tuned to the smallest degree.
– 5+1 bearings provide an ultra-smooth retrieve, important when fishing with ultra-light lures.
– Screw in handle that provides strength and eliminates handle wobble.

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Rockfish reels have been designed to accompany our Rockfish rods, they are super lightweight and perfectly formed for LRF fishing. The body is graphite, which is corrosion resistant but also light. The spool is made from machined aluminium with a honeycomb construction. This construction is not only strong but reduces the weight of the spool considerably. The powerful drag is ideal for use with the more progressive action of an ultra-light rod, and can be fine-tuned to the fishing situation. The 5+1 bearings give the reel a smooth retrieve that ensures your lures are worked back consistently, a big factor when ultra-light fishing. The reel is completed with a screw in handle, that is strong and eliminates wobble.


HRRF1SHTO Rockfish Reels - 1000 | 5+1 BB | 5.1:1 | Max Drag 4kg, HTO£49.99
HRRF2SHTO Rockfish Reels - 2000 | 5+1 BB | 5.1:1 | Max Drag 4kg, HTO£49.99



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