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HTO Rockfish Fluorocarbon Leader


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– 100% Fluorocarbon, which is hard-wearing and durable for light lure leaders.
– Tightly compacted molecules make this line more abrasion-resistant for working around rocks and rough ground.
– Reduced stretch for maximum sensitivity when using braided lines.
– It is fully waterproof and won’t weaken when wet, with excellent knotting ability.
– Compact spool for ease of carrying.

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A 100% Fluorocarbon line designed to accompany (but not be limited to) our Rockfish X8 Braid and Rockfish Ester lines. It comes on a compact spool, making it easy to store in your pocket or tackle bag when fishing ultra-light. It has a tightly compacted construction that reduces line stretch, meaning you don’t lose the direct feel that braid and Ester lines give you. It is fully waterproof, so it won’t weaken when wet, and has excellent knotting abilities. Being 100% Fluorocarbon, it sinks quickly and is almost invisible when submerged. The hard nature of the line means it is perfect for use around rocks and boulders when winkling out a wily wrasse or goby.


HLRFC4HTO Rockfish Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.16mm | 4lb | 1.81kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£3.99
HLRFC5HTO Rockfish Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.18mm | 5lb | 2.27kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£3.99
HLRFC6HTO Rockfish Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.20mm | 6lb | 2.72kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£3.99
HLRFC8HTO Rockfish Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.24mm | 8lb | 3.63kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£3.99
HLRFC10HTO Rockfish Fluorocarbon Leader - 0.26mm | 10lb | 4.54kg | 30m | Clear, HTO£3.99



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